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The Bread Library (Steinunn’s fic)

So on our collab channel ( we had to write fanfictions for each other and then the subject would have to read theirs. I wrote Steinunn’s ( but she never put the video up. I am very proud of my piece though so here it is for the internet to enjoy:

*side note: I don’t normally write fanfics. This is my first and only fic.

The Bread Library

(By Stav)

  • Setting: cross between a library and a bread factory (the owner was an enthusiast for both bread and books). We shall call it the bread library. A library where the books are made out of bread

Steinunn was in the bread library. She sighed. She had read all of the bread poetry that there was to read and yet she couldn’t find the perfect poem.

‘Still can’t find the perfect bread poem?’ said a voice

It was internet sensation Ollie Martin from YouTube channel Olliem97

‘They just don’t make the bread like they used to’ Said Steinunn sadly

They both looked upon the isles of crumbly disappointment in silence. Ollie put his hand on Steinunn’s shoulder reassuringly before taking a slice from the murder mystery isle and leaving.

Suddenly Batman appeared.

‘Hey Batman’ said Steinunn sadly

‘Hey Steinunn’ Batman said in his growly voice

Batman would normally have gone to the graphic novel section of the bread library but after a devastating fire, only burnt toast remained. He was wearing his tight 1960’s costume. He clearly wanted something or he wouldn’t be wearing it.

‘I missed you’ said Batman

‘I missed you too’

Their eyes locked with one-another and they both knew what was about to happen. Batman took Steinunn’s hand and took her to the erotica section of the bread library. They found James Missin there, furiously writing his next StavWithAMissin fanfic.

“Hey guys!” said James as he quickly put away his pictures of Stav’s face Photoshopped onto naked bodies. He then realised what was happening and his eyes opened wide. Without saying a word, James pulled his trousers and underwear back up and left this section of the Library

“We’re alone now” Said Steinunn

“Good” said batman

“Batman, is that a batarang in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?”

Batman quickly looked down in panic to see. It was just a batarang.

They were finally alone and ready to do what they had wanted to do ever since the day Toby Clarke introduced them to each other.

“Just a quick warning” Said Moon “I put the pain in champagne party mansion”

“I’ll punch your curtains” said Batman

 Steinunn was about to do one entire sex on batman but they stopped because

  • They were in a public area so it would have been inappropriate
  • Steinunn was under the age of 18, which would have gotten Batman a lengthy prison sentence
  • Steinunn was also below the legal age to do an entire sex on anybody in the first place so she would have been arrested

Moral: Follow the rules of the law because they will find you and you will rot in hell after dying alone

The End

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